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Children are eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. To apply, you will need to complete an Application for SSI and a Child Disability Report. The report collects information about the child’s disabling condition and how it affects the child’s ability to function. A Child Disability Starter Kit should also be reviewed. This kit answers common questions about applying for SSI benefits for children and includes a worksheet that will help you gather the information needed. Social Security will then inform you whether the income and resources of the parents and the child are within the allowed limits to collect benefits. They will also indicate how to start the application process.

If you have a child who is eligible for financial support through Social Security, it can be a cumbersome process to go through. Here at the Law Offices of Silverman & Roedel, we know how to navigate this system and are here to help. We can use our expertise to see you through this process to the end with positive results. Get the benefits you and your child deserve. Please call us at 973-772-6411 to schedule an appointment. We are located at 1187 Main Ave., Suite 2C. Se habla Español.