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If your condition is understated and the SSA believes that you are capable of performing work, your application will be denied. Accurately describing the physical limitations of a disability is very important. How the disability impacts one’s daily routine and common activities such as household chores, getting dressed, or even sleeping will all be taken into consideration. In addition, the mental and physical tasks involved in your work history must be assessed as well as basic job responsibilities. A determination is then made as to how the condition has kept you from fulfilling these duties. You may be unfamiliar with the extent to which you must explain your disability to the Social Security Administration. Consulting an SSD/SSI attorney who understands the complexities of documenting an applicant’s disability is highly recommended.

Having one of our attorneys here at the Law Offices of Silverman & Roedel assist with your application will save you time. Our experienced lawyers will work with your doctor and acquire all the necessary documentation. We will avoid making common errors, which are costly and time consuming. Your compensation is important. Get the benefits you deserve by calling us at 973-772-6411 to schedule an appointment. We also accept cases that pertain to personal injury suits. Our office is located at 1187 Main Ave., Suite 2C. Se habla Español.